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There are many factors that make gelato different from ice cream, but in our humble opinion FLAVOR is number one. You should expect to get a good rush of it with Coppa Magica Gelato. We use fresh fruit and quality dairy products – trying to support local farms when we can and often featuring seasonal items. We also use a variety of ingredients imported from Italy, such as Sicilian pistachios, hazelnuts from Piedmont, sweet Marsala wine, and Amarena cherries, just to name a few.
The flavors in our display case may change from day to day depending on what fruit looks good at the market or where our imagination takes us. All Coppa Magica gelato, sorbetto, and other desserts are made fresh at our commercial kitchen in Wells, Maine. Our flavor selection is ever-expanding and goes from the most popular and steadfast to the rare and exotic!
As for nutritional value, the main difference is milk fat content. Gelato is made with more whole milk and less heavy cream and, therefore, has a lower fat content than ice cream. Sorbetto is water-based and contains zero milk fat. Gelato and sorbetto also both have a significantly lower overrun than most popular brands of ice cream. Overrun is the amount of air whipped into the product as it is made.

Lastly, gelato and sorbetto are kept at a slightly warmer temperature when made and served fresh... and that's exactly how authentic Italian gelato and sorbetto are meant to be enjoyed. All of these factors contribute to the smooth, dense consistency and intense flavor of Coppa Magica products.   





range ice cream



Premium/super-premium ice cream



Coppa Magica


Milk fat content



over 10%








4-8%  (and 0% for all flavors of sorbetto!)

Overrun (amount of air in finished product)
Average 20%

NB: As per USDA standards, anything labeled "ice cream" must contain at least 10% milk fat (cf. The US Dairy Export Council puts superpremium ice cream at 16-18% milk fat with 20-50% overrun (cf.

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