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The gelato truck is mostly booked up with private events through the end of August 2021. Please submit the form on the CONTACT page or send an email with any booking inquiries.


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If you close your eyes and take a bite, you should be able to tell what flavor is in your mouth.

Get creative with the flavor combos! Call or email us in advance to discuss your order.

Come find us in new spots!
Starting in May 2021, our gelato and sorbetto will be served fresh at York 54, once again at the York Beach Bucket, and pre-packaged pints and cups will be available at York Street Tacos and the Kittery Food Truck Pod. Our gelato truck will also be traveling around for different public and private events and is open for booking now! See our FB page for more news, photos, and events!

Just a few quick facts about us:


- Sometimes home is here, sometimes Rome...depends on the season and state of mind.

- We use traditional gelato-making methods learned from the masters in Italy.

- It is our firm belief - based on years of observation in piazze around Italy - that gelato equals happy faces. And the world can always use more of those:-)